We plan the IT and communications future – owner-managed in the 2nd generation – with over 35 years of expertise as a telecommunications and IT consulting company. Our task is to evaluate the innovations of the ICT market together with our customers with regard to their maturity, economic efficiency and applicability within the needs of the customer. In doing so, we do not ignore the requirements within the organizational structure and their processes. We plan new solutions with a technical engineering spirit, which are then tendered for our customers and which we accompany during the implementation. The solution or the innovation is communicated and explained to the target group throughout the entire course of the project.

Our customers are faced with the task of integrating new, innovative IT and communications solutions into an increasingly complex IT landscape – good IT consulting can only be achieved by integrating many disciplines in a holistic approach, taking into account six perspectives consisting of strategy, technology, law, business management, sustainability and people. Since our founding, we have successfully implemented over 1,500 projects in this way. Our clients include DAX-listed corporations, public institutions as well as high-end medium-sized companies. The contract award volume we support totals more than € 200 million per year.


VALUES | We practice our values and guidelines.

CONSULTING PERSPECTIVE | We follow a holistic approach of technology, business administration, law and IT marketing. We accompany a project with the 4D approach, in which we include the fourth important dimension – people – in addition to technology, costs and time.

CUSTOMER | We live a distinctive service mentality by listening to our customers on a human level, because we do not only see the company but the person behind it. The customer comes first for us – we guarantee them neutrality, objectivity, assessment competence and the ability to innovate.

STABILITY | We are an economically stable company – owner-managed in the 2nd generation – with over 35 years of expertise as a telecommunications and IT consulting company. We are proud of our loyal and long-standing customer base.

LOYALITY | Team spirit and teamwork are particularly important to us. We work collegially and respectfully with each other and with our customers. In doing so, we behave loyally towards our customers and our company.

METHODOLOGY | We do not standardize the project, but the approach – individually tailored for our customers. We ensure the success of the project through experienced consultants and processes that have been tried and tested over many years on the basis of our own developed modular system of methods.


DOK SYSTEME works together in particular with the top 1,000 industrial companies and within the public sector. Our clients include nationally and globally active corporations, energy suppliers, automobile manufacturers, chemical, travel, airline, transport and media companies, broadcasting corporations, retail chains, banks and insurance companies. We also act for public sector institutions such as federal ministries, counties and central IT service providers.

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