We ensure project success through the use of processes that have been tried and tested over many years

Despite a project plan and existing competencies, many projects do not go according to plan, are oftendelayed & over budget, or simply don’t get implemented within the organization properly. The realization of ICT projects is very challenging due to the sometimes-high complexity, long implementation times and the required user acceptance. Therefore, well-structured project management that takes all factors into account is essential.

We support you with many years of experience and proven processes, and in turn we do not standardize the project, but we standardize the approach and can thus proceed individually and specifically for each and every project. An additional benefit we offer is the interdisciplinary exchange among our employees regarding all competencies and technologies. We consider a fundamental professional assessment competence of the assigned consultants in project management to be an essential building block for successful projects.


Project Control

  • | Control & Organization
  • | Ongoing Communications
  • | PMO
  • | Controlling
  • | Risk Management
  • | Agile Projects
  • | Transition Concept

Change &
Acceptance Management

  • | Project Communication Planning & Controlling
  • | Stakeholder Communication
  • | End User Communication
  • | Creation and Implementation in Text, Image & Video
  • | Qualification
  • | Feedback

Implementation Support

  • | Support of IT Transition Processes
  • | Construction Supervision, Documentation and dimensioning
    for IT- und Telecommunication -Infrastructures
  • | Functional Tests & Acceptance