We optimize your ICT purchasing

The range of vendors on the market, the growing complexity of the ICT landscape and the necessary compliance with all legal frameworks, trigger uncertainty among decision-makers in the procurement process and ultimately in the choice of solution required.

With proven processes for public institutions and industrial customers as well as our expertise in procurement & contract law, we can optimize your ICT purchasing. From the appraisal, the requirements analysis and the preparation of all necessary tender documents to the neutral and manufacturer-independent bid evaluation, the negotiation support and a complete audit-proof tender documentation – we accompany you along the entire procurement process.



  • | Procurement Strategies for Public Institutions &
    Private Companies
  • | Procurement Concepts
  • | Procurement Platforms


  • | Market Analysis / RFI
  • | Competitive Bidding
  • | Invitation to Tender / RFP
  • | Negotiation
  • | Procurement
  • | Procurement Dossier


  • | Description of Services
  • | Directory of Services
  • | Price Sheet
  • | Criteria Catalog /
    Compliance Matrix
  • | Contract
  • | Specifications Sheets