Emergency Call Concepts using Centralized SIP Trunks

We consider the subject of emergency call concepts from a technical, legal, and economic perspective – in other words, holistically. Due to our experience in the realization of various projects for public authorities, private companies, as well as, for carriers, we are among the few recognized market experts in this field.

For Enterprise / Public Agencies

Analysis of the Existing Solution
Replacement of ISDN with SIP Connection to Emergency Call Centers
Inclusion of Legal Requirements
Address based signaling direct to the Carrier
Emergency Call Database Solution for Extension Number Mapping
Transmission of location data to a Centralized SIP trunk
Nomadic use of Network Resources
Connection of Emergency Call Centers

For Carriers

Regional Coded based Routing instead of Area Code routing
Geocoding of an end customer location within a fixed network
Assignment of a location to a respective emergency call origin area. (AGS-N)
110/112-Coding according to current legal requirements
Update service for our carrier customers (Emergency Database Updates)
For Fixed & Mobil Network Carriers