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Profile & Philosophy

We, the ICT specialists at DOK SYSTEME GmbH, have over a 30-year record (company founded in 1984) of providing vendor-independent, customer-focused consultancy services primarily on information and communications technology (ICT) as well as on security strategies and techniques. We at DOK SYSTEME pursue a holistic ICT consulting approach  that probes deeply into the strategic, technical, legal, and organizational aspects of your company's operations.

The graph below uses the DOK SYSTEME Project Phase Model to illustrate where our consulting services typically kick in throughout the various phases of an ITC project.

Your Benefits:

  • The staff at DOK SYSTEME has all the professional and social skills to provide holistic ICT consultancy services and secure a smooth path from the strategy definition phase to the final implementation of a project. Be it related to business, processes or technology – we ask all the right questions.
  • Our highly professional consulting services enable customers to make sustainable, responsible, and resource-saving investment decisions.
  • Our solutions are feasible and future-proof, while minimizing the project risks.

Innovation is our benchmark: You can rely on us to point out upcoming trends early on, so our clients are well prepared to adjust their business operations in time. We design solutions based on mature technology, and we are agnostic to hype targeted at early adopters.

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