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ICT Procurement, Tendering and Contracting Processes

DOK SYSTEME has a long record of successfully conducted ITC procurement projects, with the sums awarded sometimes exceeding 100 million EUR. This experience enables us to employ an array of proven methods and tools to secure the efficient execution. Our deep knowledge of economic leverage mechanisms enables us to achieve optimum price/performance ratios.
DOK SYSTEME has long years of experience in executing calls for tenders based on standardized and  legally approved tender documents in cooperation with our legal counsellors Kehr-Ritz & Kollegen and other specialized lawyers:

  • Terms and condition of tender
  • Description of services
  • Price sheets / itemized service specifications
  • Criteria catalogs
  • Service and work contracts

The documents have been optimized by accounting for their large share of reusable content. Their usability has been verified by use on the market, and they can be individually adapted to any given customer. This policy enables customers to benefit from experience from similar projects and DOK SYSTEME to focus on the customer's individual consulting needs.

Negotiation Skills:

Thanks to our economic expertise that includes insights into project base costing as well, DOK SYSTEME knows a great deal about the cost structures of the market players. Armed with this background knowledge we can easily spot and reduce the specific risks imposed by bidders and leverage that knowledge in negotiations. By pursuing a "more for less" principle DOK SYSTEME consultants were able to negotiate and achieve major savings for clients, without compromising service quality.

Project Examples
We will be pleased to hand over references fitting to your project on your inquiry.


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